Thursday, September 9, 2010

My House Right Now

Today Erik is pulling out the rest of the flooring and stuff that needs to be gone so our house can be put back together. The contractor is allowing us (read Erik) to do the work to save us some money that we can use towards upgrades and replacing carpet in the kids room (which wasn't damaged) that needs to be replaced and because Erik is between houses right now and isn't working. The kids and I joined him over there this morning to discuss a few things we want to change and so I could take pictures.

It's bare over there.

It's strange.

But I'm excited for what's going to happen.

Don't worry, I'll try and keep you updated.

Here's what you see when you walk through the front door:

The kitchen, minus a few cabinets already, that Erik's parents' wanted for their garage:

Laundry room, minus everything...I think the orange is going to go away too. I'm going to go with a light yellow. It's called "spiced applesauce".

Master bathroom. The vanity cabinet will be replaced. I'm keeping the same color paint but I'm hoping that I can find a cool mirror to replace the plain monstrosity that is there.

And the master bedroom. I'm keeping the same paint color in here; I just finished repainting it after all. I'm excited for new carpet in here, as well as in the kids bedrooms.

Turns out this whole flooding business has been more of a blessing than anything else. God has so brilliantly provided for us as well as others. I'll tell you more about that later. It's a nice long story.

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Candice Parisi said...

I love how you always see the positive side of things. God is always blessing and it's nice to see someone who can recognize that. :) I wish I could be more like that.