Thursday, February 24, 2011


I love snow.
I think I might love it more though if we had proper snow clothes. With as fast as my children grow and as infrequently as we have snow or visit places that have snow I have a hard time shelling out the money for proper snow clothes.
We attempted to play in the snow this morning. We piled on the clothes and went out in spite of our lack of proper hand wear. It lasted five minutes.
Then there was much "grump"ing and screaming.
The kids even joined in too.
Just kidding.
I would have gladly stayed a little while longer but I couldn't handle the drama.
So I made them all come in.
I even threatened to send them all back to bed.
But I was lucky enough to catch a couple photos before the mayhem ensued.
Then this afternoon the neighbor girls came over and they all (minus Miss Moddy who was napping) built a snowman. The only help they received from me was when I handed them a carrot from the veggie drawer of the fridge.

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