Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Hours and Two Dollars

In two hours this morning I made 2 dresses and 2 ties, all for $2.

I'm sort of proud of myself.

I was browsing around etsy sites last week and came across the pillowcase dress pattern (which you can find for free by googling it) as well as a few really cute ties for boys and I thought, "I could make those."

Now, sometimes I can and sometimes I can't but that doesn't stop me from trying.

So when I took recycling to Cart'm last weekend I looked through their resale shop and found a couple clean great pillowcases for 50 cents each. I grabbed three striped yellow ones and a striped blue one.

The striped yellow ones where turned into matching dresses for Hannah and Marilyn:
Notice how sweet and sisterly they are:

And then the blue striped pillowcase was cut up and used for ties for the boys. These are just fabric cut in the shapes of ties, layered with warm and natural batting and sewn with the raw edge showing. The neckband is elastic. Brilliant and funky. And no matter how the boys rough house or pull on the ties they can't really harm them or "un-tie" them.

I used to think that Hannah was the poser I had to worry about...but I turned the camera on Ivan today and something happened...Oh my how I love my kiddos.

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Mins said...

Love love love these!! I was commenting to mom, its weird seeing Moddy with a sleeveless dress on... it's so Hannah. Moddy's either fully clothed or naked, all or nothing. I love the picture where Clayton is looking up at Ivan. Lurve these kids.