Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Rock

Welcome to the ugly corner at the back of my house:

We've lived here 6 years and for 6 years I've been dreaming and scheming about this corner of the backyard...what to do, what to do?

Rocks! More specifically, rock that I can create a patio with.

Happy Birthday to me!

Really, I wanted rocks for my birthday, either that or gravel.

I bought a bunch of really cool flat stones from some friends of ours and I moved them all to our house. Technically our driveway, and then moved them again to the back yard.

I'm not a perfectionist so you'll still have to watch your step a little but here is the start of the patio that will cover this corner.

The plan is to eventually build a small garage onto the house and turn the shed into a guest room and the patio will be the walkway between the house and the guest cottage.

This is where it is today:

Still more to lay; it's like a giant puzzle where none of the pieces actually fit together and each piece weighs 20- 50 pounds or so.

And I like it.


City Girl Stuck on the Coast said...

That looks great Emily!!! It will look even better when you are all done with it!!! Great job!! Yes I like exclamation points!

MamaGriffith, said...


The Cloth Addict said...

Love it!