Tuesday, February 26, 2008

God has a sense of Humor

Today Clayton had an appointment with a nautropathic doctor in Seaside, so that we can try and figure out what is causing his rash. He's had an itchy rash since right before Christmas and we've tried many things to get rid of it, and some things help but nothing has cleared it up all of the way. We think it's a food allergy. But...this morning I was reading in 2 Kings 15 and there was a verse that said, "And the LORD afflicted the king with leprosy* until the day he died,..." And of course there was the note that said *The Hebrew word was used for various diseases affecting the skin-not necessarily leprosy. I think my response was to roll my eyes and say,"I'm not sure that's very funny." Of all things to read this morning, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today. You just have to laugh.

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