Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yesterday morning the power blinked off, long enough to turn the computer off and throw our internet into chaos. Okay, maybe not chaos, but it turned it off. We get our internet from our neighbors and they have this huge system set up in their house that if the power goes off you have to reset. They are in Nevada and Erik was at work all day and I don't know how to reset it. So yesterday I was without internet all day and it made me realize that I truly am addicted to the online world. Checking e-mail, facebook, my blog, searching on craigslist, I love to do these things. I didn't get any more done yesterday or solve any more problems or anything which helps me in knowing that my addiction does not yet control my life. And maybe to prove this to myself even more I did not run to the computer the minute it was back on...I waited at least an hour...actually Erik got to it first!

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Macaroo42 said...

:-) I feel your pain.