Friday, February 27, 2009

Really Sad Day

My sewing machine is officially not working. A few months ago my sewing machine wasn't working very had trouble getting going and then eventually stopped working, thankfully I was up at my mom's house and we took it to the repair guy up there. Turns out the brushes (?) or something like that were getting stuck in the motor and it cost me just under $11 to get it fixed. Well, two days ago my machine started to do the same thing, so I decided to just take a look and see if there was anything I could do...HA! (and double HA!) All I could do was break it even more. I looked in the motor and nothing made sense so I went to put it back together and something fell out and I don't know where it goes, so alas I am without my favorite little machine. (I have a pfaff I could dig out of the closet but it kind of scares me still...) I called Creative Fabrics this morning to see if they knew where to take it for repair and I was given a few numbers to call. Hopefully I won't have to be without my sewing machine for too long, of course with a new baby soon I don't know that I'll get to sew all that often...oh wait, it's me we're talking about, I always find time to sew.

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