Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've decided that though I love getting packages in the mail, I officially hate filling out the shipping information when I buy something online. I especially hate when companies do not specify who they ship through. We do not receive any mail at our home street address because we do not have a mail box, we never put one up because we have a PO Box in Manzanita. And thus it gets confusing. I ordered something a few weeks ago and it was shipped UPS but UPS transferred it to the USPS, I was able to catch this and the Nehalem Post Office kindly held it at the Post Office for me to pick up. I've also had the nice UPS man call me and ask my street address when someone tried to send something UPS to my PO Box. I wasn't so lucky this time. I had the tracking number for my package and knew that it was being delivered USPS but other things went wrong. The company I ordered from asked that if you have a PO Box to put your street address in the comments section, well, I just discovered I did it backwards. I put my delivery address as the street address but I did put my PO Box in the comments section and also put "if this is shipped by the USPS I cannot receive it at my home address." Guess I should have specified "street" instead of "home". It still got shipped to my street address and I caught it too late, the Nehalem Post Office has already sent it back. I think we might have to put up a mailbox. It sounds easy enough and it would save me a lot of headache, even if we still keep our PO Box.
The really "no-fun" part is that I think I might have to pay for shipping again on this package because technically it's my fault that it got sent to the wrong address.


Michelle Dante said...

What a bummer!

decaf addict missing her caffeine said...

I so feel your frustration! Similar things have happened to us since we don't have a mail box either.

Macaroo42 said...


(Great verification word: loxiliov.)