Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today I found my "portfolio" from third grade. I can't believe I saved it but I did and so here for your amusement (and my embarrassment) are a few gems I found. The above picture is an invention I designed and built, with my dad's help, when we were learning about levers and such. (Also notice the great half side ponytail and the very large glasses I'm sporting.) It is a coin flipper. Yes, a coin flipper. You push a lever which knocks a marble off of it's perch which then rolls down a tube hitting a stick that knocks over another stick that lands on a lever thus tossing the coin into the air. Genius, I know. Not very practical to keep in your pocket for those desperate times when you need to flip a coin but still genius.
And here also is a rap that a friend and I wrote for our "The Farside of the Mountain" book report project. I believe it was video-taped and I'm praying that video never makes youtube. Tara C. I'm begging you, burn the tape. This is not the exact get-up I was wearing but I'm assuming it's close. Lyrics are as follows (and I know you want to try and say them out loud for the full effect, go on, do it):
The Farside Rap:
On the Farside of the Mountain
a good book
you should take a look
at the cover
over and under
on the farside
This book is the most
we don't mean to boast
book you ever read
you can say it in your head
on the farside
on the farside
Sam Gribbley is his name
Alice is his sister
and his falcon Frightful who's taken away
and that's the start of his adventurous day
That's all we're gonna tell you
we won't ruin the surprise
we aren't tellin' lies
you should read this book
open take a look
on the farside


Krista Motsinger said...

LOVE IT!!! You and I were sooooo the same generation and such rebeleous PK VM kids;)

mama griffith, said...

wow, you were so adorable in your 90's clothes! Im jelous, I spent most of that decade looking like a boy.

Macaroo42 said...

Hey, soon you'll have pictures like this of Hannah! Or, more likely, Mod. :-)

I totally love them.