Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday Home

Yesterday at Fred Meyer we purchased a tub in hopes that we can contain the duplo blocks. Somehow most of them end up under the couch and at the bottom of the toy box and the rest are left scattered on the floor for the unsuspecting foot (to then be kicked under the couch after said foot has been imprinted with it's rectangular or square shape and design). After our shopping trip we came home and searched out all of the blocks and transferred them to their new home and promptly closed the lid that they may not offend any feet. The stipulation then became that the blocks could not leave their home until other toys were picked up and put away and then when the blocks had lost their fascination they must return to their home. The living room refused to be cleaned yesterday so the blocks remained in their box until this morning, then while Erik and I attempted to sleep in this morning they found their way out of the box and became Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday Home. Architects and Designers as well as Builders: Hannah and Ivan Dante.

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