Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hannah's Cake

I'm sort of proud of this one. For her birthday cake Hannah asked for a white cake with three pink flowers with green stems, green grass and a black spotted cow. I had many ideas for getting a cow on her cake but ended up searching out black frosting and free-handing it. It was fun to make, it'll be a shame to eat it...almost, we ate the corners when I was rounding it to fit on the oval platter and it was yummy!


Mins said...

I know I told you this yesterday, but I love the cake! Well, now Loved cause its eaten. And when I asked Hannah if there was a cow and three flowers on it she said "yes, and grass." Can't forget that. Love you!

Harkins said...

Very cute cake! And I love your third grade picture. We would have been friends then too if we had known each other:) Miss you.