Monday, May 31, 2010


I've probably mentioned it, but I have this new found love of hanging clothes out to dry. Any time that the sky looks remotely clear enough I throw a load in the wash and then drag them (well not really drag...then they would be dirty again) outside to the line. Seeing how the line is in the front yard I do refrain from hanging any "unmentionables" on the line; I just don't want my neighbors to know that much about me. I've thought long and hard about this new passion (mostly when I'm procrastinating instead of oh, let's say, making dinner) and have yet to come up with a substantial reason as to why I love it so much. Is it the smell of clothes and towels and sheets dried in fresh air? Is it to lower our electrical bill? Is it because it means that it's not raining? None of these seem to adequately explain the satisfaction and contentment I receive from the lines full of drying clothes, though the last one comes close except for the small fact that I don't mind the rain. I suppose it's not important in the grand scheme of things. So I guess I'll just do it and remain blissfully unaware of the deeper meanings to hanging laundry out to dry, if there are deeper meanings. Or maybe I'm just a housewife whose friends are contemplating intervention because I need to get out a little more.
"Oh dear, there she goes, she's rhapsodizing about laundry again!"
But alas, no more procrastinating, I really must get up and make dinner.


MamaGriffith, said...

mmm, for me it ment summer was finally here when jeans stood on their own from being line dried. I miss the sun.

B said...

I LOVED my laundry line.... no idea why but I loved it. I just felt so good seeing a line full of clothes. I have to admit really missing my laundry line and hoping that our next place I will be able to have one. There is just nothing like it! :o)

"Everything that we need to lead an overcoming life flows to us from Him" said...

Seeing clothes on a line reminds me of my grandma. I grew up in sunny California where the line was used 10 months out of the year.
As a child I would hide in the sheets on the line and play while grandma sang and hung the clothes. Simpler days.

Macaroo42 said...

Clothes on the line reminds me of favorite movies from childhood: singing and dancing while folding sheets in Brigadoon.
And please, raphsodize about laundry; it makes me remember what I want out of life.
Golly, I need an Emily hug. And Hannah needs an art lesson.

Lyssy said...

it makes me feel like I'm in little house on the prairie or something :) Though I'm not really a fan of the "outside" smell the clothes get, but I think that it's perfect for towels and sheets

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Air drying is a great way to respect the earth and save some money. It is great to see young moms setting this nice example for the next generation. My mom air dried year round on a clothes drying rack. I also air dry. My son who recently moved out on his own is air drying. What a beautiful tradition we are passing on.