Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miss Moddy

I just have to tell you about this girl of mine:

This little girl continually amazes me. Maybe being the fourth kid she decided she had to assert her personality more. She is by far the least cautious of all my children.

She loves dirt:

She loves to climb. Her favorite spot is the top of the table; be it the kitchen table or the picnic table:

Clayton introduced her to chair climbing and honey. She added her own twist by climbing up the "rungs" of the chair back and over the top of it to reach the honey on the counter:

She has also discovered that if she pulls the table cloth towards her it also pulls whatever is on the table cloth. We have found her eating the extra pancakes and brother's vegetables. She loves to eat, but you'd never guess it by looking at her. She's a peanut.

She definitely keeps me on my toes. She's such a curious little thing.

I like her.


Gilfillan Family said...

oh wow, that last picture is just precious!

Debbie said...

Love it! You are doing beautifully with your new camera. Isn't it fun?!

Macaroo42 said...

Fyi, if you help me love her any more I think I will explode.

w.v. entenr. Oh, the possibilities.