Monday, March 10, 2008

King-sized Bed

We finally decided to upgrade to a king-size bed. It gets a little crowded some mornings when all three kiddos want to join us in bed and instead of waking up grumpy or trying to keep them all in their own beds we decided to just make room. It meant thought that we must get rid of our really cool log bed frame. Our log frame has found a wonderful new home and while we were in McMinnville this last weekend we found a potentially neat king-size headboard (for really cheap). It is now very cool thanks to fabric, padding, a staple gun and a few hours.
Here are my before and after pictures.


Macaroo42 said...

Love it. You're a wizard with that gun. Do you have your concealed carry permit? ;-)

mama griffith said...

awsome,...totally design on a dime the way very jelous you have a king..someday "snif, snif"