Wednesday, April 2, 2008

God is Good

So this morning Clayton's rash on his face looked the best it has in a long time. There where only a few red patches, but I could feel smooth skin and there weren't any skin flakes. Then he reacted to something and he's rubbed his face raw again and it's really red and inflamed tonight. He's still breathing normally so I'm not scared-worried, just frustrated. I'm not sure again what caused him to react. I'm wondering if he's allergic to grass. Today at MOB he sat on a blanket outside on the lawn that had been recently mowed and I still had grass on my sweatshirt from holding Ivan when I picked him up... but he's had his rash in varying degrees since Christmas...why grass, why now, what else has changed. I still feel so helpless, though not hopeless.
Erik got the flu Sunday night and Clayton didn't sleep well Sunday night, which means I didn't get much sleep. So Monday we were all a little worn and tired. Then I received a very encouraging e-mail from a friend saying she woke up thinking about me and was praying against weariness for me today and that she could picture me singing a song of praise even though I was tired. Monday was also the first day in three or four days that I had actually sat down and got to read my Bible uninterrupted and so though I was tired and weary my spirit was not. How good is our amazing God?! And tonight I am weary and tired but I know that God knows, and he is watching over me. Thank you to all who are praying.


mama griffith said...

have you tried formula yet or are you still waiting?? we are back home and i am allready missing walking,..gonna have to go stag i guess bite the bullett do it ON MY OWN :( have a good day

Anonymous said...

You cut out wheat/gluten, right? And he was getting better? If he has a wheat/gluten allergy or sensitivity he will most certainly have a grass allergy, probably a bad one. The two are almost always related.