Monday, April 7, 2008

Theological Discussions

Hannah and I had deep theological discussions the other night when I was putting the kiddos to bed. She was asking why we have Easter and why people die and many other questions that take you a moment to figure out how to explain something like this to a three year old. I love when she asks these questions; not only do I get to share with her but I get to look again myself at some of the basics of what I believe. We talked for maybe a hour or so and I think my favorite part of the conversation was when we were taking about dying and going to heaven. I told her that when you believe in Jesus and believe that he died for your sins and came to life again, he writes your name in his special book and when you die, if your name is in his special book you get to go to heaven to be with him. She promptly asked "What color is his book?" and "What color does he write with?" I have to admit, these are things I do not know.
Some times there are much more important things than going to bed.


Macaroo42 said...

Amen to that. Thank God for His little ones who ask these "irrelevant" questions. Life would be dull without them.

mama griffith said...

cute picture of the two, I havent seen this one before- were you at liz's house??

ED's Wife said...

nope, it's from family vacation in Florence, OR last Sept. I love this picture.