Monday, April 28, 2008


I've discovered that I have a lot of theories but no real answers for Clayton's rash. Just two days ago I thought perhaps he was reacting to the almond milk that we made his formula out of, so we switched to rice milk...and just yesterday I threw up my hands in exasperation when he still refused to take a bottle and said, "Well maybe he's allergic to the carrot juice!" So I went online (which can be a curse or a blessing) and turns out carrot allergies are not that uncommon...sometimes only to raw carrots because of a certain protein in them. It can cause your mouth to get all itchy and make for painful swallowing...this kind of makes sense with Clayton cause on the rare occasions you can get him to drink from the bottle he'll drink maybe an ounce very willingly and then refuse the bottle. He was doing okay with the bottle when it was just rice milk and a little water to learn how to drink from a bottle. Then Beci and I were talking last night and Beci said something to the tune of, "Isn't it amazing that sometimes kids will reject something or refuse to eat it because they are actually allergic to it?" He'll eat sweet potatoes and bananas and sometimes an egg yolk so I don't think he's just upset with weaning. Oh and then somewhere else I read that carrot allergies can cause red, blotchy, itchy skin....hmmm...
Of course this was all after nine pm last night and I had nothing but water to give him to drink, if it is carrots it would do me no good to nurse him because we got a juicer and have been making carrot juices which I have been drinking (and really liking) for the last two days. I really like carrots and have been eating a lot of them on this "pretty-much-everything-free diet".
Clayton did sleep okay last night and I used a dropper to get water in him whenever he woke up and then I did nurse him this morning, his reactions don't seem as bad during the day as they are at night for some reason.
So carrots make sense for a few reasons but so have a lot of other things. So right now I feel stuck with many theories and no real answers.
On a side note, we had a creation speaker this weekend at church and I was thinking, "Well, at least I don't have theories on this, I have some answers in my life..."
This is a "pre-rash" picture of my Clayton-ayton, hopefully we'll see a clear face again someday.


mama griffith said...

Isnt it nice we can know about god because he gave us his manuel, I cant imagine a life where God was illusive and mysterious...never quite knowing what he will do to me next.
one of my friends who's husband is a doctor says they have the most trouble with wimen who were stay at home moms with nothing left to do now that thier children are grown up. so they look up thier illnesses on line and then come into the doctors office with a stack of papers, convinced they have a terrible desiease. Made me chucke-perhaps after all my kids are gone I will develop a brain cloud and talk to the doctor about it. then have somone convince me into throwing myself into a volcanoe....(joe vs. the volcano)(tom hanks and meg ryan 1980somthing)

I will be praying for your decisions,God will provide.

mama griffith said...

ps....great picture. he is really cute. all your kids have a good em-erik family resemblance,