Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sir Ivan and the 'Saur

Sir Ivan the Clifford of Dante, that brave little knight with battles to fight, took off one morning on his red schwinn trike. He pedaled quite fast and he pedaled quite furious. Going where? We all were curious. He pulled up his bike, that red schwinn trike in front of the bedroom door and jumped off with an eye for a fight. For there happened to be, oh woe is me, a green scaly 'saur standing there in the door. And Fair Lady Hannah who was stuck on the inside saw Sir Ivan and with delight cried, "Sir Ivan the Clifford of Dante I"m glad you've come, for this dumb ol' 'saur won't let me out of the door!" Sir Ivan mustered his strength and he readied his might, he grabbed hold of his shield and his sword for the fight. The green scaly 'saur blocking the door lashed out at the brave little knight and the little knight swung his sword with all his might and thus began this 'saur's last fight. Now this 'saur was all bad - not grumpy, misunderstood or sad. So the brave little knight knew what he had to do and he fought for what's right with his life. With a prayer and a leap the knight plunged his sword deep and the evil 'saur fell down dead. Sir Ivan then chopped off his head. Thanks and cheers were voiced and the peasants all rejoiced. And Sir Ivan the Clifford of Dante, that brave little knight with battles to fight, cleaned his sword and hopped on his trike. And he'll always be ready, strong and steady to fight for what's true and what's right. For there are battles to fight and evils to beat and those that are able must stand - armor on and sword in hand.


mama griffith said...

you shuld try to work up some pics of the kids and borrow a stuffed dinosour. I think ivan would treasure a book made just for him.

Macaroo42 said...

I agree with Rolana! And where is MY knight with battles to fight? Sir Ivan does a marvelous job of standing in, but he's a little short for me.