Friday, October 10, 2008

Of Hunting and Gates

Last night Erik called and asked me to come pick him up. He had been out sighting his scope on his rifle up at the rock quarry so he can hunting on Saturday and when he came back down the hill the gate across the road had been shut and locked. He had to walk all the way down the road to find a phone (in the rain and hail). I laughed and piled the kiddos in the Suburban to go pick him up. Which means I also had to be up and ready this morning to drive him back to pick up his truck when someone opened the gate. But wonderful husband that he is he suggested we take the kiddos out for breakfast after we did this. He also came up with a plan so that I can get to JoAnn's this weekend (without kids) cause patterns are on sale without his usual snide comments about JoAnn's sales or complaining that I really didn't need to spend the gas money to go. (Not that these incidents are related, mind you). I'm still laughing at him though for getting locked in but I'm hoping that it was worth it to get his gun sighted and that he will actually get a deer to put in our freezer.


mama griffith, said...

haha no wonder he was so late! I like the new formatt by the way.

Macaroo42 said...

He sounds like a gem to me. :-)