Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whidbey Island

I am posting at this moment from Whidbey Island. I'm up here for the week visiting my parents. Erik and his brother BJ are hunting and Erik is also framing in the spot for our fireplace. We decided to go with number 3, the fireplace, because it would fit and look the best. I'm very excited and I hope we can get it all finished in time for Christmas. Today I finished Hannah and Ivan's Halloween costumes and I will take pictures of them tomorrow when we head to the Harvest Festival. Clayton has also decided that maybe now it's time to start walking, he actually took 3 or 4 steps a couple times tonight but never when I tried to take a video so his daddy (and my faithful blog readers) could see. Hannah is at this moment sleeping out in the "Cottage" with Grandma and Clayton and Ivan are in my room sleeping. My parents have this great shed that they fixed up into the coolest playhouse ever. It has electricity and heat and a loft and a hide-a-bed and all the toys and it's in a fenced backyard so the kids can take themselves out there whenever they want and play and read to their hearts contentment. Maybe I'll get a few pictures, I remembered to bring the camera, now I just have to remember to take pictures.


Michelle Dante said...

Yay, for Grandma and Grandpa's house! That was always one of my favorite things when I was little! And an awesome little house good! Thanks for the comment on Children...I seriously almost started crying! You are so sweet, Em! I love you!

Michelle Dante said...

PS: I really like fireplace #3!

Macaroo42 said...

Yeah for home! Can you stop by on the way down? We'd love to see you!