Monday, May 4, 2009

It's the keyboard's fault.

I know you all have been waiting anxiously for me to update my blog. Here is my defense...I had a faulty keyboard. This is a perfectly legitimate excuse as my space bar on the old one refused to space and I assume you did not wanttoreadeverythingIwrotewithnospaces... so I refrained from sharing.
Not that I have much to say now. It's been a busy week of little things and ordinary things. I went to an awesome garage sale the other day and picked up more knitting needles for 25 cents a pair and some fabric. On Sat. our friend came over with his excavator and we now have a drainage pipe running alongside our driveway. He then left the excavator here (what was he thinking?) and Erik has been trying his hand at it and Sunday afternoon moved quite a bit more of our rock pile. Today while Rolana stole the older two kiddos for school and the younger two were taking naps I smoothed the little piles of rock in the backyard into a path to my soon-to-be garden.
It is now raining and the younger two are sleeping again and Hannah and Ivan are resting while watching "Cars".
Thus you have been updated.


Mins said...

Wait, school? What? They aren't in school already are they? I was just beginning to prepare myself for the idea of Hannah being in school, but not Ivan too!!

ED's Wife said...

Rolana "schools" them at her house some days for fun.

Macaroo42 said...

Thank you. :-)