Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Hannah is 6 today!

6 years ago on a Monday morning at 3:30 am Hannah graced us with her presence.

My first words to her were, "Oh you look like a little wrinkled old man." Tender I know. That's when she decided to let out her first lusty cry and me in my slightly drugged and tired state quickly mumbled out, "Don't worry, you'll be pretty someday."

I think she's getting there, don't you?

She's vivacious and loving, funny and creative. She tells me at least once a day that she is an artist.

Happy Birthday my dear, I love you.


Candice Parisi said...

Oh little precious Hannah, she is getting so old, so fast. Happy Birthday little girl. :)

B said...

Happy Birthday Hannah from all of us :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hannah, Hannah!!! 6 Years Old. Nana