Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Motivation is lacking in me today, which is really a shame because the two youngest kiddos are napping and the two oldest...big smile...are spending the week with Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Casey on Whidbey Island!
My parents are awesome.
It's raining and the kitchen is only partially clean and here I sit feeling guilty that I'm not up and doing something but sometimes it's just nice to sit.
On another note I am going to miss my helpers this week. Hannah and Ivan have decided that they love helping us clean the church. They are really hard workers when it comes to cleaning the church; I wish they could apply themselves just as well cleaning the house. About a month ago Hannah and Ivan got in a big fight and were hitting, kicking and screaming at each other. As punishment they were told they had to help us clean the church because we couldn't trust them alone together. The punishment wasn't that effective because they liked it. Ivan is very capable at wiping down pews and tables and emptying garbage cans. Oh and stacking kid chairs in the Sunday School classrooms. He inherited some of my "pattern neuroses". I asked him to stack the chairs and he was very excited to show me that he had stacked 4 yellow chairs then 4 blue, 4 yellow, 4 blue. This with no help or suggestions from me. The next week I asked him make sure all the "pencil holes" on the backs of the pews where filled with golf pencils, not only did he accomplish this but, "Hey mom, guess what? I made all the points go down, on all of them."

I think the rain is starting to get to me. I like rain but we've had a lot. Don't quote me but I think that our average rainfall for the month of June was reached by the 4th day of this month and it's still raining.

I'm off to brew a cup of tea and curl up in a blanket. That's the best plan I've had all day.

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