Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry Jam

For some strange reason we did not go through nearly as much strawberry jam this last year as we did the previous year. But it's kind of nice, it means I don't have to make as much new right now. I'm so not prepared for it to be the end of June.

Today though, it felt like summer and it smelled like summer. Well, it smelled like ripe strawberries and I definitely associate that smell with summer.

Yesterday the kids and I went down to Tillamook to pick up our half a beef from the butcher. On our way through I noticed that the Strawberry Ladies were parked at the Co-op with strawberries so I made a mental note and we stopped on our way back. I bought their last two flats and hopped back in the van to head home and the van wouldn't start.

It turned over just fine but the fuel pump wasn't kicking in.

The new fuel pump.

The one we just replaced.

But it wasn't so bad. We got to talk to the strawberry ladies, they oohed and awed over my adorable children, let me use a cell phone to call and let Erik know and then one of them prayed with us that our van would start. She had to leave but not 5 minutes after she left I turned the key again and it started. (We think it's the fuel pump relay or something like that and we'll replace that next).

We made it home and feasted on fresh strawberries last night. There's just something about freshly picked strawberries, they don't even seem like the same fruit you buy at the grocery store!


Today I made two batches of freezer jam. I love freezer jam. I love the taste and I love how simple it is to make.

The last two years I've used this (just follow the directions on the back):


You crush up berries to equal four cups. In the past I've used a food mill but this year I wanted chunkier jam so I tried my potato masher and my pastry blender, both worked well.



Then you mix the sugar and pectin together:


Add it to the berries:


And stir for 3 minutes:



Then ladle into jars, cap and let sit on the counter for a 1/2 hour. Then refrigerate or freeze.


I mopped out the bowl with a left over wedge of the dutch baby pancakes we had for lunch...mmm...yum.


Chelsea said...

I had a lot to catch up on after being gone for a week... love the garden and the jam. I particularly love the pouring sugar picture! And isn't it wonderful to have godly men in our lives? Dads and husbands who are such good examples for our kids? Praise God for them! Looks like you're having a great week.

B said...

Great pics! Now I am craving strawberry jam! :o) I have used Pamonas pectin the last couple times I made freezer jam. You don't have to use any sugar that way, or can use less if you want. I might buy it bulk from Azure for my 5 gal bucket of frozen berries....... We'll see ;o)