Friday, June 25, 2010

Old and New

We've had gorgeous weather the last two days. The sun has done wonders for the growing things (my children and my garden). Yesterday Erik was home early from work and so he finished up the decking on the the back deck. Not wanting to stay inside on a such a lovely day I laid a blanket out on the front lawn, pulled out our old recliner and started taking it apart.

That's not really what you were expecting me to say was it?

Well, maybe some of you were.

I bought this recliner about 4 years ago at Cart'M and lately it's been starting to fall apart. The "wings" were loose and the arms were wobbly. I thought of taking it back to Cart'M but I hate paying to get rid of furniture and it wasn't worth re-selling.

So, I took it apart and put it back together a little differently. The basic parts of the chair frame were still good; why waste them? Erik no longer rolls his eyes at my projects (at least in my presence) and when I asked him to help me put it back together he grabbed his drill and kindly did just that. He's a good man.

I always forget to stop and take a before picture when I get the motivation to start pulling furniture apart but luckily for you I searched through my old pictures and found it in the background of a couple pictures.

Can you guess which babe this is?
Yep, it's Ivan and the chair is the beige wing chair in the background.

Here's one that's a little more recent, but not by much. This is Hannah and Ivan sitting on a birthing stool while we were waiting for Clayton to make his appearance into the world. The chair is in the background again.
And here is what it looks like today. The fabric will probably stretch and wrinkle as I didn't use upholstery fabric but for now it will work and that's all I ask.


B said...

You amaze me! Will you be starting your own show on some home improvement site soon (TLC or whatever it is....)? You know you could have done a class at the church thing.... Live demonstrations at the 'Gifts of the People' show? That would def. bring the crowds in! Just reserve me a front row seat please cuz I have a LOT to learn!!!

Mins said...

Nice-uh! I reary rike the chan-gee!!

Just thought I'd introduce you to some more Konglish.

MamaGriffith, said...

You definatly have a knack for furnature!