Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jessie, it's all your fault!

So my wonderful friend Jessie gave me upholstery fabric for my birthday and now I'm searching craigslist like an addict looking for the perfect overstuffed arm chair to re-cover for my living room. And for those that know my living room and ask, "Where the heck are you going to put it?!" I will say that I have listed one of my own chairs on craigslist. The four-legged one that rocks...any takers?
Today I am now waiting in anticipation for an e-mail from someone listing the perfect chair for $30. I have to convince Erik that it is the perfect chair, but I think maybe I can even if I have to use feminine wiles that may seem unfair :). Just kidding. He knows that we never sit in the rocking chair and so it would be nice to replace it with something that we might actually sit in.
So it's all Jessie's fault. I love the upholstery fabric and even though I'm not sure I need another project right now, I'm actually excited to start this one...I have the motivation and the fabric, just no chair...yet.


decaf addict missing her caffeine said...

I hope you get the perfect chair! Even if you have to use unfair feminine wiles on Erik to convince him it's perfect. hehe.

mama griffith, said...

he will do what he always does, roll his eyes, make a comment about how you dont need any more furnature then go get it for you...seriously if you can convince him into an 8 foot couch I dont think a chair will be a problem

Macaroo42 said...

:-) I find I like being blamed for this kind of thing.