Friday, January 30, 2009

What a Day!

I really wish I would have taken my camera to the beach today. This morning we went to Costco and I told the kids if they were really good we would stop at the park on the way home. Well, I stopped at the park and they had all fallen asleep and weren't interested in waking up, so we came home and had lunch. After lunch we headed over to where Erik is working (right on the beach, next to a beach access path) and went down and played. The weather was gorgeous. The sand was warm enough (not just "not cold" but slightly warm) to walk barefoot! There was no wind. The kids stayed near and played nicely with each other and by themselves. Quincy played fetch and actually listened to me when I called him. It was an amazing day at the beach, almost a day that should belong to April or May and here it is at the end of January. I loved it.
We got home, the kiddos took a bath and Clayton didn't cry at all. Clayton and Quincy are now taking naps. Hannah and Ivan are playing nicely with each other (even though they are suppose to be cleaning the living room, I'm not complaining). And I know what I'm making for dinner. It's been a really good day today!


mama griffith, said...

maby! I am comming down mon? I think

Macaroo42 said...

That DOES add up to a good day! Well-done.