Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Littlest Explorer

Yesterday Erik only worked a half day at work so he worked on our shed a little in the afternoon. I sent all the kiddos outside to "help" and Hannah and Ivan lasted about 10 -15 minutes. Clayton spent about 40 minutes wandering around the backyard, every corner he could get too. This picture is him trying to get back in the house (after falling down the stairs once). He's been doing really well playing during the day without his arm-bands on. Praise the Lord for miracles.


Michelle Dante said...

Yay! =OD

Harkins said...

Clayton looks so handsome:)Glad he likes the outdoors...hopefully spring will come and stay pretty soon. miss you:)

Macaroo42 said...

Somehow this one has turned out looking more like Erik than the other two. And he's got dark hair already! Miss you guys.