Sunday, October 3, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Yesterday was a wonderful Girl's Day Out.

All 12 hours of it!

I left my house at 8:32 yesterday morning and pulled into the driveway at about 8:35pm.

I was tired.

But I had tons of fun and got tons of stuff.

Okay, not tons, literally, but quite a bit.

I had a list so there wasn't any impulse buying involved.

Well, only some impulse buying.

I started the morning picking up my friend Rebecca in Cannon Beach. We then joined Rolana and Nyssa at Starbuck's on 185th in Beaverton and from there journeyed to Ikea.

Ikea was a new experience for 3/4 of us. And it was fun. And I am so glad I went with a list of things I wanted already.

Otherwise I would have been very overwhelmed.

After a gleeful wander through Ikea we went to Red Robin for lunch and then shopped a few other stores before we parted ways; Rolana and Nyssa in one direction and Rebecca and I on an adventure to Fabric Depot and Lake Oswego.

We hit Fabric Depot, even with faulty directions from Google, and I found some fun upholstery fabric to re-do my couch. We didn't look around much because we had an appointment to meet a lady in Lake Oswego to look at a couple chairs she was selling on craigslist.

I now own matching living room chairs!

I only took a picture of one but the other looks the same.

Then we hit Target, where I almost had a heart attack because I thought I left my wallet in the lady's house in Lake Oswego but then found it in the depths of my purse (it usually resides in my pocket because I'm not one for carrying purses), and Jamba Juice and headed home.

Erik was pleased with the chairs, called my fabric "orange" (it's really more of a rust-ish red with brown and beige) and I watched as his eyes got bigger with each item I pulled from my bags from Ikea. But he only asked once in amazement, "How much did you buy?"

Successful day, shopping wise, and uber-successful day for fun and frolics without children.

Oh and here area couple gratuitous shots of Hannah 'cause she wanted me to take her picture whilst I was taking pictures of my finds.

Where the heck did she learn to pose like that?! Certainly not from her mother! Though if it was from her Father...

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Chelsea said...

How funny to come read this tonight! I just got home from a girls day out as well... but to Lewiston rather than Portland. I only wish there had been an Ikea involved! But there were no children involved and there WAS shopping involved and there WAS starbucks involved so it was still great. I'm happy for you to have matching living room chairs and I'd LOVE to know what you found at Ikea.