Saturday, October 30, 2010

Park Days

I'm learning to take advantage of these Fall days when the sun shines and the rain is sparse. I used to feel guilty about running to the park in the morning because dishes weren't done and we hadn't started schoolwork yet. But I've come to a few realizations: 1. The dishes eventually get done and I'd much rather spend a morning at the park with my kiddos and 2. We've figured out that doing schoolwork after lunch when Moddy takes her nap works better for us. For some reason I was believing that it had to be done first thing in the morning, silly me.

Of course, Clayton started off yesterday at the park by hitting his sister. So I drew a circle in the bark chips and there he stood for timeout.

Miss Moddy loves the park and she loves to climb and sometimes I think she'll give me a heart attack.
She climbs:
She sits:
She does the drop and hang. And she loves it all and has no fear.

Momma, has a little fear.
Ivan and Hannah have both learned to pump on the swings and only occasionally want a little push. Ivan has started sticking his tongue out when he sees me taking pictures (where do they learn this?) I caught him just before here:
Ahh...there it is though:
And my superheroes:
Hannah-Hannah lost another tooth the other morning. It's been loose for awhile and it fell out when she was eating her morning apple. I'm loving the cute toothless smile:
Though I don't know about this type of posing (where do they learn this stuff?):
Again with the "no fear", she holds on, she swings, she leans back to look at the sky and shakes the swing around. I just don't know what I'm going to do with her.
I think I'll keep her though.

I kind of like her.

I kind of like them all.

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Mins said...

Oh my goodness oh my goodness... I'll keep them all too!!!! 24 days. Or something like that - til Thanksgiving and I see all your beautiful faces. I think I might cry. Or pee my pants.