Monday, October 18, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Don't hate me.

I've been listening to Christmas music all morning and it's not even Halloween yet.

It's not the first time this month either.

While I will exclaim, "Good grief! It's not even Halloween or Thanksgiving yet and they have Christmas stuff out!" right along with Hannah (true story, it happened the other day at Fred Meyer) I will happily pull out the Christmas music early.

I think it has something to do with Christmas craft bazaars.

(Confused? It helps to listen to Christmas music when you're making stuff to sell at a "Holiday" craft bazaar.)

I love craft bazaars.

I used to any way.

My mom sold stuff at craft bazaars a lot when I was younger and I loved it. And since I want to be just like my mom, I too have attempted selling crafts.

It's just not the same anymore.

Not when you can buy "crafty" looking stuff that's made in China and costs a fraction of something homemade.

But still every year I get a flyer in the mail asking if I want to rent a booth at the "Holiday" bazaar around here.

Every year there is the fleeting moment of "Could I?"

And then I remembered this year that all my craft stuff is packed away in the trailer and besides, there is no way I have enough time to get stuff ready to fill a booth at a bazaar.

I think they should send out the flyer in March, or even as late as July. Then I might attempt it again.

I suppose I could just remember and start now for next year...

...but it's so much easier to blame someone else for my lack of planning.

Oh dear, maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

Now my brain is reeling with thoughts of what I could make and sell.

I better just leave you with a picture of my first craft bazaar. Hannah was about a year and half, she's in the picture there if you look closely, and I was very pregnant with Ivan, but I'm not in the picture, I'm just mentioning it so you have a time reference.

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Candice Parisi said...

First of all, Hannah is adorable in this picture. Second, I think I have an idea of how you feel. I LOVE Christmas music but unfortunately don't have a very good Christmas album yet. I need to figure out what songs I want and then buy them and make the best mix ever for the holidays.

I have thought about selling some of my crafts on but I don't like the pressure of having a deadline with my hobby. I'm sure you're much faster though. So I understand the desire to craft for something like this but just not feeling like you can, or at least not yet. :)