Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My House Right Now

I'm still indifferent about our whole house situation, just not quite as much as before.

As work is being done I'm finding that my anxious/excited-ness to be back in our home is rising.

Last week the drywall was patched.

Over the weekend Erik, his brother and a friend got the cabinets installed.

And Monday the painters came.

Yesterday I talked with the floor/counter top guy and he's getting everything finalized to start putting all that stuff in.

I'm hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly and quickly.

I think I'm becoming slightly less indifferent because I'm missing things that are packed away in the trailer.

Such as:

My piano. Oh how I miss my piano. I never, ever want to be without one again. I knew I loved the freedom to sit down and play something whenever I felt like it, even if it was for 30 seconds. I didn't realize this was a vital part of my sanity.

My fabric. Another of my creative outlets. I'm getting excited to start on Christmas gifts and other such crafts and yet all of that is locked away for now.

My running shoes. I'm not a runner by any means but I've had the motivation to get moving and I don't have the proper footwear, or any footwear for that purpose right now. I resorted to purchasing "So You Think You Can Dance" exercise videos. These only partly work. Sure I get some exercise but my children think that when I'm attempting these "dances" it's the perfect time to hang on me, cling to me and otherwise get in my way.

I'll make it.

No one has ever died for lack of a piano, fabric or running shoes.

And look at all the fun stuff that's happening over there:

A new kitchen! The desk area there is a new addition, there was counter there before but it was fondly termed "the junk counter"; now it has a purpose!

The sink used to sit at an angle in the corner there, making a completely wasted corner of counter top, that was hard to keep clean, behind it. It also made using the dishwasher awkward. So we turned the sink, lost one cabinet and the sink will now sit under the window, offering a great view of the backyard and garden to whoever is doing dishes.

We also got a new bathtub and new cabinets in the bathroom. We now have two banks of drawers in the vanity. The cabinets are 36inches, making them the same height as a kitchen counter and to the left of the bathtub there was a big empty space that was designed to hold a shower. We alas did not opt for the "glamor bath" package when we had the house built and therefore did not need another shower. We now have a custom cabinet tucked away in there. Perfect for linens and other things.

I'm hoping I'll have more updates for you soon! Can't wait for the new flooring and counter tops!

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Anonymous said...

we stopped in last weekend and saw the cabinents and how the house is coming along. It is like getting a whole new house. It looks so good and I love the changes. Will be nice to have you close again even if it may only be a little while!Nana