Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The TV Battle

We are not t.v. watchers per se.

We are movie watchers.

And I hate it.

Well, it's a love/hate relationship.

I love the distraction of it when I need my kids to calm down and rest for a bit.
Or if I want to take a bath or shower; it keeps them occupied nicely, calmly, and in a safely (yes, I know this is not correct, maybe I'll let you in on the joke later) manner.

I hate when my children start expecting to watch at least one movie a day.

I hate when they cannot use their God-given imaginations and figure out something to do.

I'm not ready to quit cold turkey and just chuck the thing. There's a time and a place for entertainment.

I try to limit the amount we watch but yet it sits there, a large hulking mass, the focal point of the living room, an ever beckoning temptation of entertainment.

I'd love to shove it in a closet or something and pull it out only sometimes. But we've got a huge box of a tv that is quite heavy and does not lend itself to being easily transportable.

I've been dreaming of a wall mounted flat screen that I could hide with a cool cabinet or something but that is most definitely not in the budget anytime soon and then I started thinking.

We only pretty much watch movies on it. Can I hook my flat screen computer monitor that we no longer need directly to my DVD player? It would be portable enough to move around if needed or small enough to hide.

I Googled it.

That's what I do with a lot of things; Google them.

I think it might actually work!

I think.

The computer monitor is packed away, like a lot of other things, in the trailer and so in the mean time I die in anticipation of what could be.

Well, not really die.


B said...

Now we'll all die, well not really die, waiting to hear hear if it will work! ;o) You will update us when you figure it out I hope! Seeing as I have limited space such knowledge could come in handy. I think one of the things about winter that bugs me the most is the increased reliance on the tv because of the bad weather, because I have the same love/hate relationship!

MamaGriffith, said...

I really enjoy renting audio books from the library, The kids usually hush down and listen...so do I ;) As far as TV woes, we all have them!
You are not alone.