Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Plans

I am so anxious, but in an anxious/excited sort of way, for this weekend.

Work at our "flooded" house is moving along swimmingly, drywall has been patched, Erik and his brother are installing cabinets on Saturday and I've heard rumors that the painter is suppose to be here on Monday.

I'm sorry, I have no pictures. Maybe after the cabinets are in.

But that is not all.

I get a "Girl's Day Out" to Ikea!

No children, just adult female company and shopping. I am so excited. I've been pouring over the Ikea website making out lists and paring down those lists for days.

I seriously could spend a lot of money there, but I'm trying not to, thus the lists. mom said she would help me re-upholster my couch so I'm heading to Fabric Depot also to see if I can find the fabric for it.

And...I found a couple awesome matching chairs on craigslist and I have a tentative time to go look at them and hopefully they'll be just what I want and they'll fit in the back of the truck.

I can't wait to share my finds.

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Anne Marie Hiestand said...

Girl's nights out are always the best! I hope you have fun at Ikea, and on craigslist. Those are my two favorite places to discover furniture :).