Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

The kiddos have been begging to carve pumpkins this year, and a week ago when we were at Fred Meyer we picked up 3 to do just that.
They sat on the counter for a week and everyday I heard "Can we carve our pumpkin faces now?"
So Wednesday we did.
Mod was taking her nap and Clayton had fallen asleep so Hannah and Ivan each picked "their" pumpkin, I gave them a permanent marker and told them to draw the face for me to cut out.
I then cut off the tops and told them to pull out all the insides.
I don't think they realized all that was involved and commented that they never wanted to do this again.
But we made it through.

Clayton woke up and told me what he wanted and I drew it and then cut his out as well.

We had to run to the store for candles but later that night when Daddy got home we stuck in the candles and showed off their creations. Hannah, Ivan and Clayton are all hoping to scare some trick-or-treat-ers with the "really scary pumpkin faces".
Can you guess which pumpkin was designed by which kid?

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Mins said...

From left to right: Hannah, Ivan, Clayton. Am I right?

ps did their faces look disgusted the WHOLE time they were digging out the seeds?