Friday, May 16, 2008

Beautiful Woman

I needed some encouragement this morning and God gave me this. Not for myself but for the many women, friends, sisters and mothers that I know and have encouraged me. Thank you so much.

Beautiful woman
sharing God's rest
a haven for the weary-hearted
for this reason you are blessed
Beautiful woman
not striving for a worldly place
strong arms, strong knees
for lifting others to the throne of grace
Beautiful woman
nurturing as mother, sister, friend
passing on the love God gives
sowing hope in gardens that you tend
Beautiful woman
no blush or lipstick or powder can hide
the God-light shining from your eyes
Beautiful woman
resting near your presence
being hugged by your arms
a clearer picture of our Maker and Sustainer
who fashioned all your charms
Beautiful God
who chose to say so much through you
who every day draws me nearer
using beautiful women such as you.

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Macaroo42 said...

Thank you, my dear.