Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trash Bash

Last night Kathleen and I went to the Trash Bash at Cart'M. It was a lot of fun. We left all six kiddos with the Eri(k)cks and we had a wonderful time. (Her husband's name is Erick also but he spells it differently than my Erik). Who would imagine that a party at the dump with food and a Trashion show and a circus could be that much fun? I think next year I'll take Hannah. It was fun to see people I know from the community and sad to realize that there are so many people I don't know. I met a friend of Kathleen's last night and he asked me (more than once cause I think he had had a little to drink) if I was new to the area...sad to say I've been here 6 years or 7 if you count Ecola. It's about time I got to know my "neighbors" I think. I've been thinking this for awhile and I do have a plan. First I've been shopping in Manzanita more...even at some of the little specialty stores and actually trying to talk with the people working there. Second was the Trash Bash because it is the party of the year in and around Manzanita. It was crazy how many people were there last night, I heard someone say they expected over 1000 people! (At the dump!) Third, I was trying to get Erik to attend the Blues Festival at the Nehalem Winery on Saturday night but I think he's heading to Baker City to help Grandpa and Grandma Dante move, so I think this might be out. And lastly I am really looking forward to the Farmer's Market opening in June on Friday nights. We loved it last year once we remembered to go. Oh, I guess that wasn't lastly, cause I realized that we've also been playing community volleyball on Monday nights. There are just so many people that I don't know around here, it was sad for me to realize that most of the people I come in contact with and know around here are the people I see at church. It's time to step out.


Harkins said...

sounds great! I am slowly getting to know some of our neighbors, but i think it does take time and a concious effort. i have never heard of a dump party! glad you and Cathleen had fun at the dump;)

mama griffith said...

good to get out and let yourself be known in a community, reach out to the lost. I think church is the re-centering after you go out amongst the unsaved