Monday, May 26, 2008

Literary Discussions

"I hoped that we might go on discussing art and literature like this..." (Cold Comfort Farm)
Today Hannah asked me to read "The Secret Garden". I started to read and we made it through the first chapter and then Hannah started asking questions like, "Why did you say 'glad'? Why did you say 'believe'? Why did he hate?" And many other "why" questions till finally I stopped trying to read and asked, "Do you want me to keep reading?"
"No," she said, "I just want to talk about Mary Lennox."
"Oh," said I, "you just want to talk about Mary Lennox?"
"Yes." She replied, "About whether Mary Lennox had a bunk bed. I had a bunk bed but it changed. I don't know if Mary Lennox had a bunk bed."


Macaroo42 said...

Oh! This is why I want kids! Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

That's so great! Kids are so fun when they come up with things like that. DJ tends to just say really random things like, while taking a bath, "There's no cheese in the bathtub, but if there was, I would give it to you."