Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can I Take Your Picture?

I'm not a big fan of big government (see yesterday's post) but I will not complain that they want to give me a "return" on my taxes. I will gladly take the money and run. And this year it is not going towards a vehicle or a new baby; sure we will be responsible with most of it but who wants to be responsible all the time?! Luckily I have a husband who understands that sometimes as a parent all the responsible-ness gets to you and you start to go a little crazy...wait, you don't? So we set aside a little as "His & Her Monies" and mine is already spent. I have dreamed for years of being the owner of a Canon Rebel camera; for awhile I would have been happy with even a 35mm (that's how long I've wanted one) but now I'm going digital; the XSI to be specific. I stop and pause when I walk by the camera display at Costco or Fred Meyer and think, oh it would be nice. I know just owning a nice camera does not a photographer make, though I'm sure it helps, but I'm hoping the wonderful people that I am privileged to call friends who are also very talented photographers will share a few secrets and tips. (Hows that for buttering them up?) In a few short weeks said camera will be on my doorstep and I eagerly wait in anticipation for all the frustration of picking up a new hobby.


Gilfillan Family said...

Ooh fun Emily! I LOVE this camera , one of my friends has it and gets awesome photos! I love my dslr, one of my best purchases ever-enjoy!

Lacey said...

OH I am jealous! A canon rebel is on my list as well. Unfortunately taxes this year DID have to go to a new car and bills..... but maybe in the future not too far away! Have fun, I look forward to seeing some of your pictures!

Debbie said...