Monday, March 1, 2010

Yard/Garden Work

My brain is trying to motivate me to get outside and work in the yard some more but my body is begging to just sit in front of the computer while the the youngest kids are sleeping. It's finally light enough to jog in the morning again and so I started last Thursday and Friday thinking I would have the weekend to recover (it's been a while) but alas it wasn't raining to much on Saturday so we started in on yard work. For the first part of the day we made the kids work picking up pieces of the hose the dog chewed up (this was their punishment for being exceptionally naughty Friday night) while Erik demolished the gazebo and I pulled nails out of the salvageable wood. Then I dug post holes (wet sand is really heavy) and started to re-fence the garden. Then we came in and had lunch and hot chocolate and played Chutes and Ladders, Ivan won, and then headed back out for more work. The kids learned how to hammer nails into scrap wood and built a "bench" and we got the garden re-fenced and 2x4 boxes built to be my garden beds this year. Then I did a little more work Sunday afternoon with getting the boxes set a little ways into the dirt. Needless to say, my body is sore today and just wanting to rest. I am very excited though to be working on my garden earlier than normal. Usually it gets to the end of May and I realize, "Oh wait, I should have planted already." Not this year, this year I'm actually planning ahead. I'm also trying new things in my garden, like potatoes. I read a great article on growing potatoes in hay and I'm excited to try that, only everyone I tell about it nods their head and says, "Oh yeah, I knew that" or "Of course, that's the way I do it" and I'm left wondering why I only just found out about it. So am I missing anything about spinach or cabbage or onions?


Candice Parisi said...

I know nothing of gardening so I can't help you there but I think some pictures of this wonderful garden should be shared with the world. :)

"Everything that we need to lead an overcoming life flows to us from Him" said...

I love to be outside playing in the dirt, however I know as much about gardening as I do sewing. I say I have a 'brown' thumb because everything I plant ends up brown and my sewing kit consists of a hot glue gun :)

Macaroo42 said...

Regarding cabbage, onions and spinach: start them inside!